Treats for Music

Sinus Kosinus
2 min readNov 5, 2023

Trying tricks — puppy tails

It’s lovely to be back here after my mom broke her laptop. She ran from the restaurant like it had caught fire. But actually, there was no fire.

As she cut the chicken on her plate, a piece flew and fell on the guy sitting by himself waiting for his food. She thought the worst and fled the scene with her laptop and purse, but left the poor chicken on the plate and that guy who missed playing fetch. Woof! Woof!

That was an easy catch. He was stationary. All he had to do was stare at my mom’s plate and follow the chicken’s trajectory.

What have I been up to while my mom messed up? I met my buddy, Dux, on Halloween. Isn’t he wonderful?

My other buddy thinks he is a thief with the treats (see the video below), unlike me. I would dash to the treat like it was an Olympic 100-meter dash. Licks!

I gave up on music since the treats depend on hitting every note right. But my little buddy is still at level one. Good lack to my buddy! Tail wags!

Talk about music or instructions — my buddy (in the video below) thinks every recognizable sentence or word group is instructions. So here he follows the music word by word or lyric by lyric. Love, my buddy! Woof! Woof!