Meet Dux

Sinus Kosinus
2 min readSep 29, 2023

my friend

Misty caught me singing the song in the video below. By the way, do you recollect Misty from Interesting Tails?

Misty: I will always be your friend, even if you do not sing that song.

Puppy: Paws Misty! I am reassing (rehearsing) this song for Dux — my friend from the Summer Bootcamp. When Dux walks in, I want to impress him with the right tune and melody.

Misty: That sounds like fun! Can I watch you singing to Dux when he is here?

Puppy: Sure! Weren’t you going to the pumpkin patch with Buffy?

Misty: Thanks for reminding me. I got to run. Woof! Tail Wags! Licks!

Puppy: Woof! Woof, dear Misty! Tail Wags! Licks!

Making Dux talk was a challenge the first time we met. He put mustard yellow lipstick on his pout, a tight cap on his head so thoughts do not escape, and a lovely feathery coat. I could sense something was off since he was not breathing right, which is strange for a Duc! His tear-stained face was puffy and swollen with grief.

As I greeted Dux, he tried hard to swallow the lump in his throat, blinking away his tears. Poor Dux! When I asked him why he was wearing a sad mask on his face, he replied, with misery written all over his face, that his mother called him an ugly duckling and other mean things that a mom should never say.


What the Dux! I could not believe that a Dux mom would ever do such a thing since I see her toting all her babies around her all the time. Dux's mother’s behavior towards him was traumatic, and I could feel the depths of misery he was drowning himself in. Woof! Woof!

My goal was to change the weather for both of us so Dux could be my BFF for a long time!

Woof! Woof! Tail wags! Licks!

I always tell Dux to drop by whenever he feels lonely, and we will nibble on my kibbles, roll in the mud or grass, and swim in the nearby lake.

I hear ebbed (webbed) feet, and I smell fishy worms and wormy fishes. It must be Dux!

I got to sing to Dux! Woof! Woof! Tail wags! Plenty of Licks!

PS: I hope you liked Puppy's introduction of Dux. Puppy deserves a special treat for its impressive description of Dux’s sorrow. Puppy’s zeal for life is contagious and Dux should heal pretty fast hanging out with Puppy.