A Bud Blooms

Sinus Kosinus
1 min readJun 24, 2022

Dancing in the shadows

Photo Author

Let’s Go Musical at Paper Poetry
prompt by Carolyn Hastings

A bud tries to bloom
Scared to witness gloom
Bloom into a lovely flower
Alas, long time with no shower
A bud in constant fright
Tries to bloom in the bright light
O bud, no need for a flutter of alarm
Around here there is no harm
In the calm night
The bud opens in the soft light
Of a gentle candle in the wind
Dancing in the shadows

A big thank you to Let’s Go Musical at Paper Poetry, Carolyn Hastings, for the opportunity and for providing a home to my piece.

A big thank you to our multi-talented artist, Thief, for all the encouragement, support as usual, and invitation to participate. Please enjoy Thief’s fantastic response, A Princess and a Queen!

Thanks to Carolyn Hastings