Sinus Kosinus
Jul 3, 2022


Adobe Stock (licensed)

John Lennon’s lovely song, Imagine, inspires this piece.

Imagine there is no hunger in this world
Everyone shares the abundance
Consumes only for sustenance
We sustain life

Imagine there is no climate change
The environment is mindfully protected
Control our air emissions
We do not perish

Imagine peace spreads like wildfire
Everyone attempts to coexist
Control anger and greed
We prevent unnecessary wars

Imagine there was no homelessness
Everyone had a roof on their head
Control wants and desires
We also solve related problems

Imagine there was no gun violence
Everyone’s life is treasured
Control unnecessary loss of lives
We live and let others live

Why are we to be left to imagine
When we can be the change
We should be left to see a day
We won’t need imagination