Free in Nature

Sinus Kosinus
Jan 28, 2024

is it?

Photo by Reiseuhu on Unsplash

What if alcohol was free in nature
Like the roots and leaves of dandelions
Would they consume copiously and wager
All taken for granted, every bit of an ion
Some wanna be a scientist of a rocket
And then some wanna be amongst scientists
All along, a poor fella Paul or Raul in your pocket
Will be cut loose in the lure for out-of-sight zionist
Who depends on the board of director in gloom
With spring around the corner
Everything smells different when flowers bloom
All-around greenery dances when the weather is warmer

Soon, the depressing winter will leave us to welcome spring! We take nature around us for granted and do not consume the proper nourishment for our bodies. I often wondered if alcohol was freely available, would we treat it just the same? LOL!