Cascading love

Sinus Kosinus
2 min readMay 26


Adobe Stock Image (licensed)

Everyone seeks love
And gravitates towards love
Anything that looks like love
They move towards love

Often mistaken for a fantasy
It must be the way you look
Perhaps the way you sound
Carried away by what you say

Some go east
Then travel west
Or further north
Then roll down south

Looking for love
They find it in themselves
Me too; I found love within
Then I found love everywhere

It must be what you said
Or how you speak
In soft, soothing tones
Your love pours out of you

Even when you stand still
With a slight smile on your lips
Your heart pours love
Like no other, I have seen

It is not a sprinkle
Not a drizzle
Your love pours like
A waterfall spreading joy

Such is your love
Your signature
And your aura
Your heart pours love

The above poem is my version, and below is ChatGPT’s version.

In the quest for love, all souls yearn,
Drawn like magnets to its eternal burn.
Mistaken at times for fanciful dreams,
Love’s essence glimmers, or so it seems.

Could it be your visage, a captivating sight?
Or the melody of your voice, sweet and light?
Enraptured by your words, carried away,
Some wander east, then west, in love’s grand play.

Seeking far and wide, on winding trails they roam,
Hoping to find love in a distant zone.
Yet within themselves, love’s spark ignites,
And I too discovered love’s radiant lights.