Ana’s Meetup

Sinus Kosinus
2 min readMay 11

Fiction story

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

A cheerful Ana publishes short stories on an online space — Gazette — every couple of days when she makes time to write. Nick’s attention caught one of her stories, and he wanted to meet her.

“Hello, From whence are all these wonderous creations emerging, my sweet Ana? You write beautifully. I want to meet you.” read Nick’s message to Ana.

“Sure, Nick! It will be nice to meet you. Please respond to, and I drive a red vehicle.” responded Ana.

They decided to meet for a gelato at the corner of Rivers Crossing Avenue and Faith Street. Ana, dressed in a baby pink dress, lowers the ramp to wheel herself out of her vehicle. Nick slowly approaches the red car with apprehension.

Only one of Ana’s legs is functional, so she uses a wheelchair. Standing for lengthy times challenges her balance, and she can stand up for a short time.

When she sees Nick, she immediately stands up and hugs him. Although Nick is shocked by her disability, he puts on a poker face and gulps down the gelato at Mach speed.

He spats a quick good bye and gives Ana a split second hug. Nick rushes the entire meetup and ends the conversation to run to an event.

As usual, a disappointed Ana does not give Nick’s behavior a second thought since all the boys she meets behave similarly. All of them cannot accept her the way she is.

Ana reminded Nick of his mother, who passed on the same day a year ago. He could not handle the similarities and did not want to be vulnerable in front of Ana, whom he barely knew. Later on, he reveals to Ana on Gazette about his mom’s similarities and tries to apologize. A compassionate Ana was very sympathetic and invited him over to her home for the weekend.

Fast forward a few years, Ana thanks God for helping her find an excellent partner — Nick, and they both make plans for the summer. She prays to God to wash away their sorrow and embrace them in His loving arms.

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