A Journey

Sinus Kosinus
2 min readJan 9, 2022

It is the same sight, same message

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Another trip back home after work
A ride from Midtown Manhattan
A quiet person across from me
Again my eyes glanced at the person
Curious to talk to that person
Courage deficit to pursue my feelings
Completed college, but fortunately, working
Could I have helped in any way
Nobody seemed to care for that person
Not kept well and mistaken as varmint
Nobody willing to lose a moment from their phones
Numerous times, I wondered why there were so many
Why God created situations for them and us too
Why this disparity the distance and their inability
Why cannot we bridge this gap and share our abundance?
While I have nothing to complain about
I ask God if we can ever eliminate this disparity
I sit here in the warmth of my home
There are many out in the cold under the stars
They did not have a meal in a while and still survive
Since we are on this journey with them
I got off that train, but on another ride, a different city
It is the same sight, same message
If our responsibility is sharing and caring
We are not doing enough of it
Why wait for Angels to descend from above
We on earth know how to solve our problems
The Sun and the Moon shine equally on all
It is now our turn to shine the light around us

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