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The entropy of the earth was increasing rapidly.

A non-fiction and fiction

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Alice looked irresistible in a dress just above her knees with sexy black pumps. Her date calendar is completely booked, and the place, Lake Still. Once at Lake Still, she left each one of her dates peering at their reflection. The news about Lake Still spread faster than a rapidly growing wildfire.

Now, instead of getting on Alice’s schedule, folks lined up peacefully to peek at their reflection in Lake Still. Each person emerging from Lake Still was found to be pensive and some in a deep meditative…

Time is running out — fiction and non-fiction

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Calm without a single ripple even when the fast-blowing wind touched it — is the state of Lake Still. Alice keenly observes glimpses of her little self in the eyes of her reflection in Lake Still. She is intrigued by the accuracy of the timelines of the details presented. She tossed a pebble into Lake Still and was surprised to see it sink deep down without any commotion on the surface.

The vivid graphics of the past left her with more questions. She thought to herself, questioning Lake Still, “If you can…

Everyone was curious!

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Sad, forlorn, and ill, Alice comes from a town amidst folks who had plenty of attitudes. She is known for her distinct look, covered to her ankles in an unwashed silken robe thrown on her sleek figure with unkempt hair in knots. Often Alice is greeted by naughty kids pelting stones at her. Yet, she is unperturbed as she knows not how to retaliate.

Sitting on a rock by the river, Alice gazes at the flying fish in the river rapids. Occasionally, a fish lands on her lap looks at her adoringly until she sends it back…

We crave every drop of you

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A beautiful sight of the foliage against the rocks on either side of the flowing river making beautiful eddies that create a symphony of droplets. The ripples, so beautiful, like dimples. You create peaceful, tranquil surroundings carrying life, quenching the many, and we enjoy you in the silence.

In the same silence, one can sense your turmoil to be with him—your meandering curves carrying everything in your way. Fertile, graceful, and your sweetness is what attracts everyone to you. All your sisters are just as you are.

Dear River, you adorn a bridal veil…

Families face love, negotiators, and super kids in a special loving way.

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A mother smilingly introduces me to her teenage daughter in a wheelchair. Her daughter had the most genuine smile. It beats the rest of the smiles I have ever seen. Forward a couple of years, this mother told me that she used to break down almost every day watching her daughter, whom God made her this way.

I was stunned when the teenage daughter understood every word we uttered and responded with a smile. Love was pouring out of her smile. Her eyes and smile said it all…

Expand without constraints

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All flowers are intriguing, beautiful, spread joy, and make us happy. Orchids are just another variety of flowers that are gorgeous and are known to be picky. I cannot thank my friend enough, who gave me a precious gift of an orchid plant five years ago. Every year for the past five years, it has provided me tremendous joy just looking at it. I feel there is a new addition to the family when a new leaf emerges.

All my orchid plant gets is filtered sunlight and water. That is all! I have not fertilized it, nor…

I yearn to be with you and no one else

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You kept me company
When I was lonely and scared

You kept me entertained all day and night
When no one bothered to throw a glance

I hug you tightly and don’t care if you reciprocate
I let you sit on my lap and take you wherever I go

When zombies stole my sleep, I search for you all over
I found you sitting silently under my resting head

Your only demand is to be treated nice
No need for me to feel your spine

You only itch for me…


Work, read, play, laugh and write.

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